Golf Course in Hyderabad

98 acres of 18 hole Golf Course

84 Acres  Residentisl Units

61 acres residential units

10 Acre 5-Star Resort

10 acre 5-star resort


Vooty Golf County is an 18-hole golf course in Hyderabad that is in the making that aims at redefining golf in India and at the same time providing luxurious residential units. With the best people and minds at work, Vooty Golf County is a path-breaking venture that will complement your high-spirited lifestyle. Join us on the journey to bring this dream project back to life!

Vooty golf course sets up a new milestone for the golf clubs in Hyderabad with its dual functionality. Now you can experience the thrill of the game while rejoicing in the lap of luxury at the same time.

Vooty Golf County is an 18 hole championship golf course spanning an area of 98 acres. It also houses a golf academy in it. It has a clubhouse offering some of the best facilities, premium residential units and also a 5 star resort.

Golf Ball


Inspired by the true essence of nature and its spectacular beauty, Vooty Golf County offers the best fusion of a spectacular golf course along with tourism and residential accommodation development. Vooty Golf County is a lush green space featuring a golf course, golf club, open plots, a 5 star luxury resort and club houses.



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